3 Apps From Google Labs

Yes its true when it comes to apps we tend to talk more about Google Play, iTunes and so forth, but here these guys are making a statement, they live! And because of that they are making great apps which are actually at least 3 out of 5 stars, check the snippet below from android police and see why.


“First up, there’s Landmarker, which I dare say is the most conventional and useful of the three. You fire it up and it uses your compass and GPS to show you nearby points of interest as you spin the device around. However, it’s just a plain white on black text UI (seen above). You can open any detected landmarks in Maps, though. It just gives you an idea where things are.”

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Why Adult Apps Make Sense

Even though the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, people still don’t realize that porn apps just make sense. Let’s think about this logically for a minute. If the adult industry rakes in billions of dollars yearly just from porn videos, why not make these videos more accessible to the public by way of mobile applications. You see, porn apps aren’t really just about porn, it’s really about making the access to the various porn videos and porn stars that you enjoy a lot easier for you. Who wants to always sit up right in front of their computer desk beating their meat? I know I don’t, sometimes-most of the times I like being in bed. I need to be comfortable watching porn.

Now a days privacy is crucial especially almost everything and anything that you own can be hacked within a moments notice. Just the other day my cell phone was hijacked for about 15minutes because a Trojan virus was automatically downloaded to my phone which gave a disheartening message. The message said that I was to pay $250 to regain access to my internet browser, and because I was watching illegal porn, the FBI had my location and if I didn’t pay within 24hrs, I’d be arrested. Best believe my dick went limp rather quickly.

You can only imagine how scared I was, especially since I was just trying to get my rocks off as I was browsing through pornhub. That message alone got me so paranoid, my heart started racing and I kept checking my window to see if I saw any signs of the boys in blue. What seemed like an hour, I finally got my thoughts in order and got on my laptop and Google searched this message. http://appmobiworld.com/(apps)  Come to find out, all I had to do was go into my settings and uninstall the app that looked most suspicious. Boy was it easy to find-thank goodness.

Since that day, I stopped using my mobile browser to look at porn. Now, I only get my daily dose of porn via mobile apps. With that scary situation to fuel my decision, porn apps just make sense. No need to worry about your browser getting hijacked, and getting fined. Come to think of it, I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to, and I’m sure there were a few gullible people who actually paid the fine,  which really sucks for them. But now that you are aware of what could happen and more then likely will happen if you continue to use your cell phone’s browser to watch porn, you won’t have any excuse if you still end up in that situation.

All this to say, porn apps make sense compared to the alternative. You and I both know that sitting upright at a computer desk is no fun when it comes to masterbating to your favorite porn videos. Also during those personal “me time” moments, you don’t want to be distracted by fake trojan viruses that are out to scam you all the way to the bank. And lastly porn apps offer that privacy and the comfort you want while taking care of business. For more information about porn apps click here.

ExiteMobile App

Now you’re probably thinking that exitemobile porn app is yet another adult app that’s trying to take your money. And you’re absolutely right. Just like all others in the adult industry we’re in business to make a profit. But can you blame us? Especially when you see how unique and great our HD videos are compared to the free porn readily available. When you download this porn app to your mobile device, you’ll realize that you have just stepped into another reality.

There is no other porn app this side of town killing it the way ExciteMobile porn app is. We’ve taken android porn and porn viewing to a whole other level. When you’re watching our videos you’re not only watching it to just to cum and keel over and fall asleep. You’re watching our HD videos to get the total porn experience.  What is the total porn experience? Well keep reading to find out.

Like most men, myself included during many lonely nights, I found myself in front of my computer on the hunt. For what you ask? For that one video that’s going to allow me to blow my load and get my toes to curl. You know that feeling right?

But here is the problem with free porn sites. I find myself looking through pages upon pages just trying to find that one video. And to make matters worse those annoying pop-ups and pop-unders that get in the way of me having a distraction free moment. You and I both know that  concentration is key during those times.

When you create an account with Excite  mobile porn app,  that scenario is a thing of the past.  And that’s just one of the many amazing things Excite mobile porn app has to offer.

Now being that pornhub is one of the go to sites for all things porn related, you’ll be excited to know that excite mobile porn app kept that in mind during the design phase of development. This means that as a member of excite mobile, you’ll never get lost in navigation. The user interface is clean, simple and very familiar which also takes away frustration for all new  members.

Like our name? Excite mobile porn app was specifically designed to “excite” each and every member that signs up. With scientific research to back us up, we’ve intentionally placed subtle images and visual cues that will instantaneously trigger positive sexual responses that will make both male or female excitable. Not only that one out of ever five videos on our app platform is guaranteed to get you ready to masturbate to the very edge with great “relieving” results.